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Autocard from MTBank is a unique banking product that has no analogues in Belarus.

It was created specifically for car owners and their families. Any trip, whether it is a long trip or way to work, will become more pleasant as with each mandatory expenditure you will receive a money back be using Autocard.

The landing page reveals the unique features of Autocard, and also integrates bank cards.

All bank cards are available in an additional drop-down menu.

Modular structure

It allows you to conveniently and efficiently structure information, correctly place accents.

The site looks clean and modern.


The «Card partners» and «How the card works» pages are available both on the first screen of the main page and on subsequent screens.

The header elegantly appears on the first page and guides the user to the end of the page.

The content of the site is diluted with a banner, which further emphasizes the main advantages of the card.


The partner companies of the card are divided into categories by type of activity.

Each such a category is illustrated with a stylish icon.


Mobile version

Most of the traffic to the page comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it should be as easy and convenient to use as in the desktop version.





Websites and apps

Landing page


September, 2021

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