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Like most new ideas, Eye Candy Optical was born from personal needs. The owners wanted more fashion eyewear than was available in northeast Ohio. What started as a need has turned into a search for the best glasses on the planet. Because frames are not just on your face, they are part of your face. Eye Candy Optical is where people find glasses to not only see but also look. The company works with brands such as: Tom Ford, Gucci, Francis Klein, Valley Eyewear, Colibris and many others.

It is this philosophy that the company adheres to in its marketing strategy. Find the best solution to show potential customers all the benefits, beauty and benefits of different eyewear brands.


Each video consists of several parts. We illustrated the stories of brand creation, combined them with the footage, and then showed in the same style of illustrations the situations of using glasses in life. For each brand, its own story was invented and the atmosphere necessary for immersion was created. We were looking for a unique style for each frame to convey all the values ​​that the creators of brands put into their works. The final result met and exceeded the customer’s expectations — the videos turned out to be bright, trendy and unique.


Stylistically complex, even contradictory in design Valley Eyewear is a World of contrasting narratives. Sharp black meets sculptural white. Raw aesthetic meets polished form. Bold silhouettes meet understated details. The brand’s vision- encapsulate this concept in a collection of unisex sunglasses and optics that enhance the wearer’s own identity and personal style.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford design encapsulates the metropolitan spirit of New York City in an eyewear collection with attitude. Tom Ford effortlessly mixes bold styles and patterns together to form frames that create a captivating look for the wearer. Manhattan meets Milan… Tom Ford is an eyewear collection for the classy and sassy who know what they want and will stop at nothing to get it.


Colibris is handcrafted eyewear straight from Germany, made with love and passion to give men and women with smaller faces options they never had before. Colibris provides a variety of designs with astonishing colors and elegant shapes crafted to compliment any fashion preference or aesthetic.

Fracis Klein

Francis Klein glasses are the epitome of the word CUSTOM. Each frame is painstakingly made by hand in France. The collection can be described as beautiful, pretty, elegant, and downright sexy. Each pair of Francis Klein glasses is a combination of intensely colored acetates lovingly hand painted or jeweled to perfection. What perhaps is most truly amazing about Francis Klein eyewear and sun wear is that as bold as the designs, the end result are wearable “everyday” frames.


Eye Candy Optical





January, 2022

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