Advertising campaign for Tesla monoblocks

Video and animation
Key visual
Photo session
Promotional video

The main advantage of a monoblock is that in terms of size, layout and weight it does not differ much from a regular monitor, but at the same time it is a full-fledged computer. This is the perfect solution for organizing the workspace, which is why Tesla all-in-ones have won the hearts and desktops of many offices.

But Tesla computers are not only workstations. Thanks to various variations in design and configuration, monoblocks can become an indispensable household helper or brighten up leisure time on a day off. Driving around Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, editing a video for your YouTube channel, or just watching your favorite TV show while cooking dinner? Powerful and compact Tesla monoblocks will perfectly help with all this.


In a series of visuals for outdoor advertising, the heroes of the advertising campaign transform into new images, and in the commercials, thanks to a spectacular transition, they are transferred from everyday work to Saturday, when there is time to do their favorite hobby.


Creative director

Masha Korotkevich

Creative copywriter

Alena Sobol

Art director

Vova Bugay


Pasha Podolyakov

Video production

Green Media

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